The more Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain speaks about his decision to leave Arsenal for Liverpool, the more damning it looks for the Gunners.

While the Ox has obviously remained professional and hasn’t been overly critical of Arsenal, the compliments he’s showered upon Liverpool since leaving speak just as loudly as if he had.

Speaking to the Times, the 24-year-old hailed his new manager, Jurgen Klopp.

“Having been someone on the outside looking in, I couldn’t help but notice what the manager [Klopp] is doing here, and wondering what it would be like to play for a character like that,” the Ox said.

“He’s very inspirational, passionate, involved and intense. I felt that was something that could gee me up.”

The Ox has praised the German more than once since his move, saying that he sees big things in Klopp’s future and admires the relationship he has with his players.

“Even as a neutral watching him last season, you [could see] he’s a really interesting character and someone that seems very inspiring for people that aren’t even involved in the club. Watching him, [you see] his passion and how much he cares about the game,” he said, reports the Evening Standard.

“The thing that stood out for me was his relationship with the players, how close he seems to bond with the players on and off the field. That’s massive and it’s definitely a big plus when you’re looking to progress, having that relationship with the manager, that definitely helps. 

“And then obviously the way his teams play, that’s definitely inspirational for me and was one of the instrumental [reasons] – if not the main reason – that I felt this place was definitely the place for me.”

By saying about this, as well as the manager’s ability to ‘gee up’ the team, it’s heavily suggesting that this was severely lacking at Arsenal.

oxlade liverpool
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It indicates that perhaps things have grown stale over in the Gunners’ dressing room and it’s hard for anyone to get passionate about a game if the manager isn’t himself.

While the England international, who had under a year left on his Arsenal deal, also left in order to play in central midfield, a massive part of it seems to have been his relationship with Wenger, which is worrying, because he can’t be the only player feeling that way.

The Ox made his first appearance for Liverpool on Saturday afternoon during their 5-0 loss away to Manchester City.

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