Jose Mourinho took a swipe at Arsenal, Tottenham, Chelsea and Liverpool, after Manchester United’s title rivals dropped points over the weekend.

Unlike other managers, who prefer to direct the conversation back to their own team, Jose Mourinho never shies away from a question about a rival. This was again evident on Sunday, when he was asked about the brewing title race between the two Manchester clubs, reports Football.London.

Mourinho noted how the other sides in the running for the Premier League crown all fell short, meaning United could open up a points advantage in the table.

“Today I didn’t think one single second about Manchester City. I thought about Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool. They lost, or they didn’t win their match. And it was a chance for us to get two points like they did last week when we drew against Stoke,” he said.

“So, I was just thinking about them and never about City. City won their game and did their job. I was thinking about the others and when I saw their results I thought this was an opportunity we could not waste.”

None of the big-six clubs lost over the weekend, but Mourinho is right that United had the chance to move two points further ahead of four of them, after the opposite happened last week.

Manchester United and Manchester City are both yet to lose a game, five matches into the season. City dropped points to Everton and United drew with Stoke, but otherwise the two clubs have had perfect records.

Of course, in United’s case, they’ve had one of the easiest starts to the season. An opener against a poor West Ham side, followed by matches against Swansea and Leicester City, rounded out with their two toughest games so far against Stoke and Everton, Mourinho’s side have had it easy, in my opinion.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have played Liverpool and Chelsea. Chelsea and Tottenham have faced each other and Manchester City took on Liverpool after the international break. Tougher tests will come for United before the season is over, which is likely to see them dropping points soon enough.