Former Gunner, Paul Merson, is sick to death of the current Arsenal team making a mockery of the club.

The pundit, who has been less than impressed with Arsenal’s recent displays, slammed the Gunners in his column for the Daily Star following their 4-0 loss against Liverpool last weekend.

“Arsenal’s 4-0 thrashing by Liverpool was the worst I have EVER seen under Wenger. It was shambolic, horrendous,” Merson wrote.

“I think the players have lost all respect for him. But I think the fans are losing all respect as well.

“They are playing for Arsenal and they are turning it into a mockery. They are embarrassing the football club.

“It’s becoming one of football’s also-rans because they are a million miles from winning the league and that’s pathetic.

“I’m disgusted. It’s just an embarrassment from top to bottom. It frustrates me. And it will get worse too.”

As we’ve said before, it wasn’t necessarily the result at Anfield that upset most Gooners, it was the manner in which the team lost. They didn’t care and couldn’t be bothered. Obviously a couple of players were trying to force moves away, so deliberately acting like sulky teenagers. However, most just looked uninspired and bored.

It’s disrespectful because, at the end of the day, the Arsenal players still go home with their five-figure wages. Arsene Wenger isn’t the type of manager to dock their pay.

It’s the fans who lose out.

Mesut Ozil was the only player to apologise directly after the match. The rest of the players once again buried their heads in the sand or just didn’t care enough to show their faces.

Arsenal face Bournemouth on 9 September and for once I don’t want the international break to be over. How depressing is that?