After an encouraging first start of the season, it is clear that Jack Wilshere is an attacking midfielder now. This is a BIG problem for Arsenal.


Short term

How? How can someone playing well after so long away be a bad thing? How is watching a player slice apart a defence to shreds with both clever passing and clever running a bad thing? How is maybe, possibly, briefly seeing Jack look like Jack again, a bad thing?

Well, the short answer is that it isn’t. In games like the one against BATE Borisov on Thursday, it’s very much a good thing.

If Olivier Giroud is going to play the majority of these games as well, then the best player Arsenal have to play just behind him is Wilshere. Nobody links up with the Frenchman as well as Jack does, as his desire and ability to play those little one-twos around the box suit Wilshere’s game perfectly, and vice-versa. If he plays this well in the rest of the Europa League group games, then Arsenal will have little trouble progressing through into the knockout round.

The longer answer is a bit more complicated than that though…

Next, long-term

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