Liverpool are against a proposed Christmas Eve meeting with Arsenal, given the impact it would have on supporters.

Sky Sports are reportedly pushing for the game to be played on Sunday, December 24, as opposed to the current plan of playing it a day earlier. The aim is to move it is so they can televise it, since Sky have the rights to Sunday matches. But Liverpool are concerned about the impact it would have on fans attending the game.

According to the Daily Mail, the club will strongly oppose the move, and the Spirit of Shankly group has released a statement to condemn it, saying: “We hope that common sense will prevail and that both clubs, police, television companies and the Premier League decide against such a move.

“Changing to Christmas Eve would have an untold impact on staff and supporters, particularly away supporters. Supporters would be faced with the prospect of getting home in the early hours of Christmas morning.”

A Christmas Eve game starting at 4pm would mean Liverpool fans leave the Emirates at around 6pm, and then have to make their way back to Merseyside using public transport and busy roads, heavily populated due to the festive period. Moving the game would be a major inconvenience.

That’s not to mention any Arsenal fans who were planning to come from distances further than North London for the meeting. Overall, I believe this would be a selfish decision by the broadcasters, but not far from what we’ve come to expect.