Former Manchester City defender, Joleon Lescott, reckons that Arsene Wenger should just ignore the cost of bringing in players and splash the cash like their rivals.

Lescott, who now plays for Aston Villa, believes that Wenger needs to be less tight-fisted when it comes to ‘investing’ in new players.

“I’m just sure they need to keep up with the likes of Man City and United and just invest,” the 35-year-old said on Sky Sports.

“Stop worrying about what players cost and just look at what they can bring to the team and pay the asking prices for them players.”

While most Gooners would agree with Lescott that Arsenal do need to start investing in players in order to keep up with the likes of Manchester City and United, it’s not as easy as just ignoring how much money certain stars will set the club back.

The Gunners don’t have the amount of disposable money that United and City have.

City have wealthy owners, who are obviously more than happy to provide the funds for new additions, while United are a massive global brand. In fact, at the end of last season, it emerged that the Red Devils were the richest club in the world – ahead of Real Madrid.

Arsenal, on the other hand, aren’t quite as big as United and don’t have owners willing to invest.

Combine this with the money lost from not getting Champions League qualification this season and wage restrictions and you can understand why Arsenal can’t just go around forking out massive amounts of every player they want.

Saying this, shouldn’t there be somewhere in the middle they can meet?