Wales international, Chris Gunter,has defended Aaron Ramsey following the 26-year-old’s display against Liverpool before the break.

Gunter believes that his compatriot is unfairly used as a scapegoat and points out that most people that criticise him don’t appear to know what they even want his role to be.

“Do I think Aaron is made a scapegoat? Yes I do, and I’m not sure why,” said the Reading full-back.

“That’s my impression of what I get to hear about. Sometimes it does feel like that.

“There’s always this thing of people saying he was too attacking, well three weeks ago he was the best midfielder at getting into the box. You can’t have it both ways.

“It won’t bother him. This is a guy who a couple of months ago was scoring a winner in the FA Cup final and that was twice in three years.

“Maybe in Wales he is more appreciated. But it is no coincidence that whenever he has been injured and is back fit for Arsenal he is straight back in the team. The ones whose opinions matter, like his manager there, know his quality.”

Rambo did indeed score for the Gunners in the FA Cup final and has been crucial during huge matches. However, his display against Liverpool was poor. Granted, the rest of the team were shoddy too – they lost 4-0 for goodness sake – but Rambo at least usually has the right attitude. He never hides. At Anfield, he hid.

The midfielder, along with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, was even facing the wrong way for Roberto Firmino’s goal. The difference is, the Ox was angling for a move and genuinely didn’t give a monkey’s, Rambo wasn’t, so his lack of effort and passion was perplexing.

Hopefully, like the rest of the squad, now the transfer window’s shut, everything wil settle back down again. This Arsenal side, playing as they are, aren’t going to win the title this term but the least they can do is begin to look like they give a damn.