Best tweets & memes after Francis Coquelin is shot by a sniper v Bournemouth

On this day Arsenal Francis Coquelin

Francis Coquelin got injured in the match against Bournemouth on Saturday, and much as we all wish him the best, the way he fell was a bit odd, to say the least.

Arsenal fans have been wishing the best for the midfielder on social media, but the bizarre way the French player went down has drawn a fair bit of attention as well:

Football fans tend to show no mercy in these sorts of situations, and it wasn’t long before some creative supporters edited together a few videos for meme accounts to steal.

Unfortunately these videos have been ripped off and shared so much that I’m genuinely unsure ‘who did this’ first one, with Francis making an appearance in Game of Thrones:

Fortunately, Twitter user TerryAFCx watermarked this next video, where Coquelin has apparently become a target of an assassination attempt by a sniper:

Whilst other fans drew comparisons between the way Francis fell and a number of other scenes, a selection of which are below:

Meanwhile some other supporters were quick to note the one person who might have reason to be happy with an opening in Arsenal’s midfield:

It’s worth pointing out that not everyone was on board with the jokes, however:

An understandable view if it had been a leg break. As it stands, it’s a hamstring pull.