Arsene Wenger admits that Financial Fair Play should be ‘scrapped’ since the rules aren’t being imposed.

Wenger has always been for Financial Fair Play (FFP) but now claims that it should be ‘scrapped’ since it can’t be enforced.

“I wanted FFP initially,” Wenger said on French TV show, Telefoot. “But now I think it should be scrapped. You shouldn’t have a rule that cannot be imposed.”

The Frenchman’s revelation comes amid claims that Paris Saint-Germain are being investigated since they’ve just forked out €400m on Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

FFP was introduced in 2011/12 and was designed to even out the playing field when it came to clubs’ spending.

Most, including Wenger, didn’t believe it was fair that teams that were richer could spend more and therefore gain advantage by buying better players while other clubs, like Arsenal, who were struggling financially at the time, stagnate.

Part of the FFP’s regulations is that a club must prove that they have no outstanding bills or payments to other clubs before making a purchase. The money that the club spends, in theory, must be its own. If it isn’t, they get fined, which Manchester City and PSG did.

This is why PSG are once again being investigated – where has this €400m come from?

It seems that while spending did cool down right after FFP was introduced – from €1.7bn in 2011 to €400m in 2014 – the rules are no longer being fully imposed.

While the idea of FFP works in theory, in practice, it’s a different story.