Arsenal fans think the Gunners have a better chance of winning the Europa League than finishing in the top four of the Premier League this season, according to a Twitter poll.

Both options result in qualification for the Champions League, and when Arsène Wenger was asked about which he would prefer to do, he said finishing in the top-four was the better option.

However, better option or not, Arsenal fans clearly don’t think it’s the most realistic option, as 69% voted that the Gunners have a better chance of winning the Europa League when asked on Twitter:

Perhaps supporters noted the situation at Manchester United last year, where United were way off the pace in terms of the top-four for much of the season, but ended up winning the Europa League anyway.

It’s a common excuse when a Europa League team performs poorly domestically that it was just because of the ‘European distraction‘, whether it’s true or not. If it is, then it makes sense to me that Arsenal fans wouldn’t see finishing top-four as a very realistic option, especially considering the comparative strength of the other top-four contenders.

We’ll get our first taste of just how realistic winning the Europa League is, as well as how seriously the Gunners plan to take the competition, when Arsenal face FC Köln on Thursday night.