Alexis Sanchez’s failed move to Manchester City has been the subject of ‘banter’ in the Arsenal dressing room.

That’s according to Chuba Akpom, who said that while the Chilean has been professional about the whole thing, he gets a ribbing from his Arsenal team-mates.

“We do banter about it to be fair but at the end of the day, he’s still at Arsenal,” Akpom said (via Manchester Evening News).

“Everyone is happy, the fans are happy and he’s happy. I think with a player like Sanchez he just blocks it out because all he wants to do is play football.

“He’s so focused on football, he blocks out a lot of negativity and transfer rumours.”

It’s no surprise that there is some banter flying about in the changing room.

It shows there’s a difference in how the players and the fans view the transfer.

From a fan’s perspective, nobody wanted to see Alexis join Manchester City and everyone was worried about the implications of such a transfer.

Few of the Arsenal players would have wanted to see Alexis leave, either, but with transfers being a normal part of their lives, it might not be as big a deal.

In fairness to Alexis, he conducted himself well during the transfer saga.

The cynical view was that his pre-season illness and side-strain were attempts to force a move, but as far as we’re aware, his behaviour has been fine.

He didn’t go on strike, nor did he come out in interviews asking to leave or flirting with other clubs.

Even now, we’ve yet to hear his views on the failed move and having to continue playing for Arsenal despite not wanting to be there.

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