Arsenal have reportedly offered a new contract to Alexis Sanchez, but Arsene Wenger is pessimistic about the outcome.

Arsene Wenger has said he is pessimistic about Alexis Sanchez signing a new contract at Arsenal.

According to the Daily Mail, Arsenal have offered Alexis £300,000 per week to stay at Arsenal beyond next season. They report that Alexis wouldn’t even consider staying at Arsenal until he was offered this much, and even then, the chances seem slim that he’ll agree a deal.

That sentiment has been echoed by Wenger. Speaking to SFR Sport, he said: “In the short term he will remain an Arsenal player.

“Whether we manage to get him to sign an extension or not… we have so far not been able to.

“On that level I am not super optimistic.

“We have the firm intention not to sell him.”

This is a change from Wenger’s past comments about Alexis, where he’s always stressed the possibility of him agreeing to a contract extension during the season.

It’s looking more and more likely that Alexis will stay for the season, but then leave when his contract expires next summer.

However, the season is long, and a lot can happen between now and July.

Arsenal might have such a good season that Alexis might consider staying.

If he still wants to leave even after a good season, then Arsenal can’t do much more to keep hold of him.