Arsene Wenger approves of the proposal to close the transfer window before the beginning of the season.

A meeting will be held on September 7 to discuss the idea of closing the summer transfer window before the beginning of the Premier League season. Arsene Wenger, as I’m sure a lot of managers will be, is completely for this proposal as he believes it will help a manager’s state of mind.

“I support it of course,” Wenger said, reports the Independent. “For the regularity of the season, it’s better because you can have a player who you could play against three times if the transfer window is not closed when you start the season. That doesn’t look normal.

“It’s difficult to start the season with a team and have some players in the squad who are not completely on board. You can understand that, once everyone’s on the train, they stay on the train.”

Long-running transfers sagas are a huge distraction and can disrupt plans. Arsenal have gone into a few seasons having not fully completed their transfer business and have suffered for it. This summer alone has seen us involved in the tedious Alexis Sanchez saga which still hasn’t been truly resolved.

Elsewhere, Liverpool’s plans have been disrupted by Barcelona’s courting of Philippe Coutinho. It makes a lot of sense to close the window before the Premier League season starts so that managers know exactly who they’ll be working with and won’t be forced into making last minute adjustments.

There is some concern about the window ending two weeks earlier than the rest of Europe. However, Wenger feels that clubs will adapt to that, given enough time. “Would it give some foreign clubs an advantage? No, not really because you have enough time. I spent my whole summer in the transfer market, we basically had 10 weeks. What people will do is adapt.

“What makes them decide is that there is only three or four days to go and suddenly everybody comes out of the bushes to say, ‘Yes, we are alive, we are here and we want to buy’. If the timing is shorter, they will adapt to that as well.”