Alexis Sanchez was seen laughing after getting subbed off during Arsenal’s humiliating defeat at the hands of Liverpool on Sunday.

Alexis was seen what appears to be laughing while on the bench after getting subbed off during the Gunners’ 4-0 loss against Liverpool on Sunday.

While the pictures, as usual, don’t tell the full story, they do seem to show the Chilean, who’s been heavily linked with a move away from Arsenal this summer, stifling a chuckle on the bench after a pretty poor performance from him personally.

The 28-year-old was taken off by Arsene Wenger after an hour and although it was his first game back after the break, the forward, much like most of the team, wasn’t playing as if he wanted to be there.

I appreciate that some people deal with humiliation differently, and some do laugh. I also appreciate that, if you watch the video, he only laughs for a split second.

I appreciate that we don’t know what was being said to him on the bench or who was speaking to him, i.e. we don’t have much context other than it was the 82nd minute and Arsenal were 4-0 down away from home at Liverpool.

In fact, if this was a one-off and he wasn’t currently allegedly trying to force a move away from the club I support, I’d probably be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But it’s not and he is.

Alexis was caught laughing last season as Arsenal got humiliated (again) by Bayern Munich and while fans jumped to defend him back then, I’m less likely to do so this time around.

The forward doesn’t want to be at Arsenal. Let him go.