Arsenal legend Thierry Henry and Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher recreated a funny moment during Sky’s coverage of the Gunners’ clash with Liverpool.

Henry apparently has a habit of touching people’s legs. It first started back in 2015, when Liverpool sacked manager Brendan Rodgers after the Reds’ Merseyside derby against Everton. The former Arsenal striker, sat next to Carragher, reached out and grabbed his leg as he took in the news.

It happened again during Sky’s coverage of the Liverpool/Arsenal game yesterday, reports the Mirror. As the pundits discussed how Liverpool tore Arsenal apart, Henry reached over for Carragher’s leg again, realised it, then pulled away. Carragher mimicked his look to the camera from 2015 and the two shared a laugh.

Graeme Souness smiled along but perhaps didn’t see the incident fully when looking at his reaction. Despite being a stoic pundit, even Souness would have been laughing hard had he seen what Henry did to Carragher up close.

I’m glad at least one Arsenal fan got to have a laugh after that horror show yesterday, although Henry didn’t find his old club’s performance against Liverpool funny. He was left very frustrated by the showing at Anfield, although Carragher would have been delighted to see Liverpool win 4-0.