Alexis Sanchez wants £400,000 a week to stay at Arsenal, according to reports.

Alexis reportedly has a £300,000 a week deal already on the table, according to the Daily Star, but they claim he now wants even more to stay with the Gunners.

This back and forth has been going on all summer. One publication will claim that Alexis wants a certain amount of money, then another will claim Arsenal have offered it, then a third will claim Alexis now wants more.

The cycle has been repeating over and over since May, and it’s no shock to see it’s still going on, despite the absurd figures now being mentioned.

Alexis has said very little publicly about his future, and whilst Arsène Wenger remains adamant that the Chilean will not be sold, he also hasn’t gone into details about the state of negotiations.

Pep Guardiola has also only gone as far as to say he won’t talk about Sanchez, rather than ruling out a move, according to the Daily Star. Therefore the Star and the rest can make all the claims they want about what’s going on behind the scenes, since no one is setting them straight.

For what it’s worth, at this stage I think that the delay is more about Alexis’ playing ambitions than the state of his bank account. Arsenal still haven’t shown they’re capable of a title challenge, let alone competing for the Champions League.

If performances improve on the pitch, I’d hope that Alexis wouldn’t be held up too much by what specific six-figure salary he’s picking up per week.

But we’ll have to wait and see.