Leicester City have confirmed that they ejected a ‘responsible minority’ of home fans from the King Power Stadium during the Foxes’ 2-0 win over newly promoted Brighton on Saturday.

According to Leicester, a ‘responsible minority’ of home fans sitting neare the traveling Brighton fans were ejected from the King Power Stadium by stewards on Saturday during the Foxes’ 2-0 win.

The reason being that the fans were allegedly chanting homophobic abuse at the Seagulls’ supporters.

“We are committed to creating a passionate, inclusive, welcoming environment at King Power Stadium, in which everyone is free to enjoy the matchday experience,” a spokesperson told the Leicester Mercury [via Sky Sports].

“As part of our ongoing efforts to educate our staff, senior King Power Stadium stewards undertook specialist training during the summer in effectively identifying offensive behaviour, including contributions from Leicester’s LGBT Centre on recognising homophobic abuse.

“While disappointed that such abuse took place during Saturday’s match, we are satisfied that our stewards reacted swiftly and appropriately, which led to the responsible minority being ejected from the stadium and reported to the police.”

The Brighton fans are unfortunately no stranger to homophobic abuse. The seaside town annually hosts Gay Pride, which appears to be the reason opposition fans believe it’s appropriate to make them a target for certain chants, which range from plain ignorant to genuinely dark.

Back in 2013, Brighton fans reported a dossier to the FA containing the abuse they receive on a weekly basis and it appears that it hasn’t gotten any better.

Fortunately, most Leicester fans are disgusted by the behaviour of a few idiot ‘supporters’ and give props to the Foxes for throwing the nasty pieces of work out of their stadium. Hopefully, as the individuals were reported to police, they’ll receive further action or at the very least get life-time bans from watching Leicester at home.

This kind of behaviour has no place in the sport. If you witness this kind of abuse at a match yourself, report it to a steward.