Arsenal fans were understandably outraged at what could only generously be described as a “performance” from their side at Anfield on Sunday.

In truth, the team did not perform. The defence was worthy of the 16th place Arsenal currently occupy in the league standings, the midfield seemed to give up as soon as the first goal went in (but didn’t do anything to help stop that goal either), and the attack didn’t manage a single shot on target in 90 minutes.

So there should be no surprise that Arsenal fans demanded answers at full time. The supporters that have been begging players to stay for months, suddenly had very little reason to care:

There were those who outlined just how bad the display was on the day:

Whilst others just wanted to see something happen to change it:

But mostly, fans took to Twitter to express just how badly they felt the game had gone, and how it hardly even seems like a surprise when this happens nowadays:

Along with the anger, there was a lot of sadness and disappointment. Arsenal fans want to believe in their club, but when results like this become a regular occurrence, it’s difficult to even muster the same level of frustration anymore:

Arsenal need to do better. Letting the fans down like this isn’t good enough.