Thierry Henry has criticised Arsene Wenger for allowing Alexis Sanchez to run into the final year of his contract at Arsenal.

Henry believes that Wenger allowing Alexis to run into the final year of his contract at Arsenal hasn’t been one of the Frenchman’s best moves.

“He’s that type of guy that can help the team get better,” the Arsenal legend told Sky Sports [via Express].

“There’s one thing I want to talk about also, the boss keeps on saying ‘what’s wrong with a guy that wants to run down his contract?’. 

“There is a lot of things wrong with that. 

“You didn’t secure the future of Alexis Sanchez at Arsenal. The future of the club. 

“He’s your go-to guy and he can walk out on a free pretty soon. 

“I think that’s not a great thing to have at the minute.”

Arsenal allowing players to run into the final years of their contracts is nothing new and one of the reasons fans were calling for the club to sign a director of football this summer. It would mean the Gunners had someone qualified to keep an eye on these issues while Wenger concentrates on managing the team.

While I do agree with Henry that the Gunners should have sorted these contract situations out sooner, since it’s not just Alexis Arsenal face losing this week, I’m a firm believer that no one was to blame for the Chilean’s terrible performance against Liverpool on Sunday but the player himself.

I understand that he wants to leave but surely just not putting in any effort isn’t the best advertisement for his talents?

It makes him look immature and incredibly unprofessional.

The 28-year-old was subbed off after one hour. In the first half, he only completed 38% of his passes, was dispossessed nine times and created no chances.