Thierry Henry has praised Spurs owner Daniel Levy, but has warned that they now must act like a big club.

Thierry Henry has taken a moment to comment on Spurs’ transfer activity this summer.

In a column for The S*n, Henry wrote that while Spurs have a great team, the time has come for them to start behaving like a big club.

“The Tottenham I knew before and the Tottenham I know now — the change is outstanding,” Henry said.

“But they are dancing with the big boys now. And if you want to be a big club, you have to act like a big club.

“I know from my own experience it is so hard to compete financially when you are building a new stadium. But what happened at Arsenal? Everybody left!

“Now Kyle Walker is already gone. Danny Rose has talked about it to The S*n. Eric Dier never denied anything about Manchester United.

“At some point, if you don’t match the wages on offer at other clubs, and don’t bring titles, it’s going to be difficult to keep Rose, Dier, Harry Kane and Dele Alli.

“If those guys don’t win stuff and are still on way less wages — although don’t get me wrong, it’s still massive money for everyone else — they are going to start looking at other options.

“They’re not my rules. They are just THE rules.”

You might have one season where you surprise people but, if you want to be among the big clubs, then you to be up there consistently. That is why this season is so important for Tottenham.

There are many parallels between the Spurs of now and the Arsenal of a decade or so ago.

Arsenal used to have a young and exciting team threatening the top of the table, but failed to keep their team together during a time when they couldn’t spend big on wages or transfer fees.

Spurs are experiencing a similar issue. With a move to a new stadium just a year off, their spending power have been limited during a time where players are getting more and more money.

Henry is actually one of the few pundits to point out the dangers of Spurs’ approach.

The summer has been dominated by columns and articles praising Spurs’ commitment to their manager and young talent. In stark contrast to how Arsenal were treated, Spurs were lauded for being ambitious by not joining in with the transfer insanity.

In reality, it’s more like they can’t join in, and need to come up with creative ways of remaining competitive.