Arsenal won’t pay Alexis Sanchez £300,000 per week, according to Times journalist Henry Winter.

Against all expectation, Arsenal have managed to hold onto Alexis and have just two weeks to hold out.

Yet, despite it looking more likely that Alexis will stay, there are still plenty of people who believe he’ll get his move by the end of the window.

One of those is Times journalist Henry, who said that Arsenal won’t offer Alexis the £300k per week that he wants and will eventually sell.

“I think Arsenal will finish top six, but I’d be surprised if they get into the Champions League,” Winter said, as reported by The Express.

“It was great entertainment at Arsenal the other night and I know they have centre-halves to come back in but they’ve got to sort out the Sanchez situation.

“I assume he’s gonna leave in this window. Unless he is going to be 100 per cent committed what is the point of holding on to him. Are they gonna offer £300,000 a week? I’m not sure they will.

“I think maybe he looks around and thinks ok Lacazette but there’s not enough players in here who are gonna match his work rate and match his ambition and I can completely understand why he wants to leave.”

Who really knows if Alexis is 100% committed or not?

Perhaps he isn’t fully on board with what Arsenal are doing, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be professional and give his all on the pitch.

Everything we know about him suggests that will be the case.

Despite his desire to leave, Alexis hasn’t spoken out against the club, nor has he done anything to force the club’s hand.

Whether Arsenal can pay him £300,000 per week or not isn’t really the issue. Wenger has said repeatedly that he will keep hold of Alexis, new contract or not.

It would take a dramatic turnaround, and a lot of scrambling for a replacement, for Wenger to change his mind at such a late stage.

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