Arsenal coach Jan van Loon will join former academy director Andries Jonker at Wolfsburg.

Jonker left Arsenal to become manager of Wolfsburg last February and now seems to be taking some more of his friends with him. Freddie Ljungberg had already joined him, and now, according to The Sun, U15 coach Jan van Loon will also be joining his coaching team.

Van Loon was one of the Dutch coaches that Jonker drafted in after he became Arsenal’s academy director back in 2014. The Gunners’ academy set-up was due a shake-up anyway, as Per Mertesacker is set to take over as academy director at the end of next season.

Chances are he’ll want to bring in his own staff to work with the club’s youngsters. The former German international will has 12 months left of his playing contract but could be working behind the scenes to ensure of an easy transition into his new job next summer.

Jonker took over a Wolfsburg team that was struggling near the bottom of the Bundesliga and managed to steer them clear of relegation by winning the relegation play-off.

He, along with Ljungberg and van Loon, will now be looking to restore Wolfsburg’s previous level and quality and get them challenging for the European places again. They certainly have their work cut out.