Arsenal are reportedly ‘afraid’ that Alexis Sanchez could try and force a move away again.

Alexis Sanchez is injured, which means it’s time to don the tinfoil hat and roll out the latest conspiracy. According to the Mirror, there are fresh concerns at the club that the 28-year-old could try and force his way out after Arsene Wenger revealed he had an abdominal strain.

This is one of those ‘take our word for it’ reports as the Mirror cites sources ‘behind the scenes’. The story goes that although they understand Alexis was resigned to staying, there is still concern about him leaving.

Alexis could actually be injured, but the timing of it, and the fact that he’ll miss two of Arsenal three games during the remainder of the transfer window, has warranted some suspicion.

Manchester City are believed to still be interested, while there are mixed reports about Paris Saint-Germain’s interest. As far as Wenger is concerned, the injury doesn’t affect his plans that much.

The manager admitted that he wouldn’t have started Alexis tomorrow anyway. While a week or two without training will affect his preparation, Arsenal should have enough to cope in his absence.