Newcastle legend, Alan Shearer, lays into Arsenal in his recent column, admitting that the Gunners’ body language during their 4-0 loss at Liverpool was worrying.

In his column for the Sun, Shearer points out that during Arsenal’s loss against Liverpool on Sunday, perhaps the most worrying aspect of the game was the Gunners’ body language throughout.

“It was the body language of the players that was so concerning and gave away where Arsenal and Wenger are at,” the pundit wrote.

“Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain looked exactly like what they are — players who simply do not want to be there.

“Sanchez only looked about 75 per cent fit but I presume had been played so Wenger could make a statement that he was going nowhere. Well, it backfired.

“But you can’t just single out those two. Mesut Ozil once again failed to deliver in a big game. Aaron Ramsey was lucky to get to half-time after failing to provide any coverage for his defence.

“Indeed, no Arsenal player showed any effort to get back when they lost possession.

“We can all be beaten, but to be beaten with such a collective lack of effort from every player, is very worrying.”

My knee-jerk reaction after a heavy defeat is usually to look at the positives and defend the players, and usually the manager as well, from pundits and journos. However, there’s no defending the indefensible and that’s exactly what Sunday’s performance at Anfield was.

As Shearer says, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Alexis Sanchez’s body language was terrible. They made it painfully obvious that they want to leave in the most unprofessional way possible and my opinion of both, particularly the Ox who I thought was better than this, probably couldn’t be lower at the moment.

Most of the players put in shambolic performances. Even Aaron Ramsey, who’s usually brilliant, seemed to be trying to take on the Ox for the ‘who looks as if they hate playing for Arsenal more’ award.

The Wales international wasn’t even paying attention for Roberto Firmino’s goal.

There’s something definitely wrong with the club when players who no one thought wanted to leave suddenly start playing as if they do.