Arsene Wenger has commented on Alexandre Lacazette’s transfer fee, saying it is linked with how much money other leagues think Premier League clubs have.

  • Arsenal signed Lacazette for a record £52m
  • Wenger says big transfer fees are linked with the Premier League’s new wealth
  • He played down expectations on Lacazette

This summer has seen Premier League spending explode to almost record proportions, with several clubs breaking their transfer records and spending eye-watering amounts on players.

Arsenal were one of the clubs to break their transfer record when they signed Alexandre Lacazette for £52m, and Arsene Wenger has said it isn’t surprising that transfer fees have increased so much.

“For the amount of money that the Premier League spends, it’s linked with the fact that when people know that you have money, they want a lot from you,” he said.

“That’s just a fact and the consequence of the Premier League being rich. That explains the amount of transfer.”

The new TV deal has increased the Premier League’s spending power, and club all around Europe are now taking advantage of that.

A common feature of the transfer market is that there is one price for English clubs, and another price for everyone else.

With such big prices being paid for players, the expectation on them to succeed has never been higher.

As such, Wenger was keen to play down the pressure on Lacazette to be a goal machine next season.

“It’s too early for any assessment and any judgement on how well he will do.”