Arsenal and Puma have officially released the club’s new away kit for 2017/18.

Originally leaked months ago, and then seemingly accidentally revealed during Arsenal’s pre-season friendly against Western Sydney Wanderers, the away kit has finally been officially revealed and released this morning.

The away kit is the last to be revealed, with the home kit and third kit both already on sale to the public. Unlike those two kits, which received positive reviews from the Arsenal fanbase – the third kit especially – the new away kit has never been a fan favourite.

The colour was the initial disappointment. The new away kit is a mixture of blues, as opposed to the away kit last year which was yellow and black. So far, response on social media has suggested the fans would have preferred another yellow kit.

Secondly, the design hasn’t been very well received, with the collar from the other kits removed, as well a very plain and basic style to the shirt. The jersey has ended up looking more like a training kit or a goalkeepers shirt than anything else.

Decide for yourself. The new kit can be seen below:

Kits normally end up being remembered for what the team does in them, rather than for the design. For example, last season’s third kit received mixed reviews at first, but after Arsenal won every single game they played in it, people only had good things to say.

Let’s hope the same is true of this one too.