Jose Mourinho has been talking about Arsène Wenger again, this time about the Arsenal boss’ new contract with the Gunners.

In a press conference covered by the Mirror, journalists asked Mourinho to talk about his favourite subject matter, presumably in hope of riling up Arsenal fans, and he was all too happy to oblige.

However, whether part of a mind game, a message to his own board, or just because for once he doesn’t have anything bad to say, Mourinho was relatively complimentary of the whole situation at Arsenal.

It’s certainly a unique sequence of events in the Premier League, to see a manager fall out of favour with a portion of the fans and still get a new contract is almost unheard of. Mourinho praised the “fantastic treatment” of Wenger by the Arsenal board, saying:

“I think Mr Wenger got exactly what every manager wants. A strong club, two more years of contract and conditions to try to win titles. Fantastic treatment from the Arsenal board. That is what he deserves and that is what every manager wants.”

Mourinho’s situation has always been more precarious, with clubs looking to bring him in for short-term success and then getting rid of him before he ruins everything. So it’s no surprise that he would be envious of Arsène in this regard. We’ll see if he’s quite so complimentary if things all start to go wrong at United.

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