Liverpool and Tottenham have less affordable seasons tickets than Arsenal, a study shows.

  • TicketGum conducted research into how affordable seasons tickets are according to average wage in the area
  • Arsenal ranked 16th despite charging the most expensive prices

Arsenal have often been criticised for having the most expensive season tickets in the league, as the prices they charge certainly aren’t relative to the lack of on-field success over the years.

However, a new study by TicketGum has shown that while Arsenal charge the most expensive prices, their cheapest season ticket is more affordable than Liverpool’s or Tottenham’s.

The study was based on the average wage in each area and how long it would take someone to earn the required amount for their club’s cheapest season ticket.

Despite charging £891 for their cheapest season ticket, Arsenal came in 16th, suggesting that pay in Islington is more than adequate to meet that price.

Ranked below them are Everton, Southampton, Liverpool and Spurs, who’s seasons tickets require more than 40 hours of work for the local residents to afford.

The study is surprising for the fact that Arsenal aren’t bottom of the table. Nonetheless, being 16th is still very low down, and this is unlikely to convince fans that £891 is a reasonable price.