Joel Campbell has called his knee injury a ‘little pebble’ on the road despite needing surgery.

The Arsenal forward picked up the injury while on international duty and it’s still not clear if he will undergo surgery at home in Costa Rica or if it will take place in London.

“I do not know how complicated my future is, there are things that happen in life and are already written. This is a little pebble along the way, but you have to get ahead. I always put everything in God’s hands, for that I am calm,” Joel said upon returning to Costa Rica to recover.

He does not know when he will have surgery, does not know how long he will be out for and has no idea if he will still be an Arsenal player in the near future.

He did, however, say that the injury was a ‘big break’ – and not in the good sense, adding that he is in pain. “I come to the country to wait on what the doctors say to see when I have to have an operation. I have to have an operation, but I do not know anything about times.

Campbell has not been given an Arsenal squad number (at the time of writing) for the new season. He is out of contract next summer and did look set for the exit door this year. His injury has, of course, scuppered any attempt to sell him.

 “Obviously I have to contact them [Arsenal] because they are the owners of my registration,” Campbell added when asked, stupidly, if he told Arsenal about the injury.

“I do not think about it [my future at Arsenal], I thank God for what he gives me, I put everything in his hands, he (God) has great things for me.

“It hurts a lot because you always want to play and you never want to get hurt, but it’s a part of football, I already had the same thing, but this is soccer and it can happen.”

“I am not sad, not much, these are things that happen. That gives me strength to help me.”