Is Alexis Sanchez right to be viewed as the new Robin van Persie by Arsenal fans or should they cut him some slack?

Alexis’s recent comments about wanting to win the Champions League have made it very clear to just about everyone with a brain that he wants to leave and has no intention of signing a new deal with Arsenal.

This means that, since he has one year left on his current deal, the Gunners either cash in now or allow him to leave for whatever team he likes for free next year.

Arsene Wenger is adamant that the Chilean will remain at Arsenal whether he signs a new deal with the club or not but this is easier said than done if a player is trying to push his way out of the club.

Ring any bells?

In some ways, this whole Alexis saga reminds Gooners of a similar situation which occurred back in 2012. Robin van Persie enter into the final year of his contract and forced a move to Manchester United.

Like Alexis, Van Persie was a bit of a d**khead who we usually forgave for his d**kish ways because he was, when fit, insanely good at scoring goals.

He would drop, allegedly disrupt the dressing room, and sometimes it was a wonder the Dutchman could even fit his head through doorways.

‘Passion’, I think we called it.

He joined Manchester United at his peak despite Arsenal sticking by him and his paper legs for eight years and in the process appeared to completely blind-side his current club and manager by announcing that he wouldn’t be signing a new deal via his personal website.

The difference between RvP and Alexis is that not only is Alexis hardly ever injured so the club haven’t had to stick by him through anything, he has no loyalties to Arsenal. He’s been at the club for three years and has no real affinity with the fans, manager or city, unlike say, Mesut Ozil.

Also, for the first time in two decades the Gunners aren’t in the Champions League, he’s got a point, so perhaps Alexis’s eagerness to jump ship can sort of be forgiven from that sense.

What can’t be forgiven is if he’s genuinely trying to force a move to Arsenal’s rivals.

There’s genuinely wanting to move to that you can get the most out of your career, and then there’s disregarding a very real rivalry for personal gain while putting your current club in a weak position.

Alexis may never reach Van Persie levels of c**tiness… but he can still be a c**t.

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