Tottenham agreed a deal with Nike to be their shirt manufacturer, worth £25m-per-annum. However, Arsenal’s £30m-a-year deal with PUMA will trump their rivals’ for another two years.

As reported in the Metro, Tottenham’s new deal with Nike will see them with the fifth-most valuable kit in the Premier League. Arsenal are currently third on the list. Manchester United, currently on £75m-a-year, are the highest earners.

Chelsea and Tottenham will now share manufacturers, but the Blues are making £60m-a-year currently, leaving Spurs in the shadows. Arsenal’s deal with PUMA will continue until the end of the 2018/19 season.

After ending a two-decade-long association with Nike in 2014, Arsenal signed a five-year deal (£150m) with PUMA that was the largest in British football history, increasing their revenue by £22m per year.

The Sun reported earlier this month that the Gunners were looking for a new shirt sponsor, with their current Emirates Airlines deal set to expire in two years.

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