Gary Neville has predicted that either Manchester United or Manchester City will win the Premier League next season.

  • Neville believes the team that has the best transfer window will win the league
  • He thinks Chelsea will struggle to balance domestic and European commitments
  • He says everyone needs to strengthen if they’re to do well in Europe
  • Doesn’t mention Arsenal as he talks title contenders but includes Tottenham after one season above their neighbours

It might not surprise you to know that Neville predicted the same thing last season.

The Sky pundit has given his views as to who will win the Premier League next season, and he believes the winner will be the one who strengthens the best this transfer window.

“I said last season that the title would come to Manchester – and I was wrong – but I think this year it will,” Neville said.

“I think Chelsea will dip a little bit. Not in a negative way, but just having the Champions League will bring different challenges. I think Tottenham will be strong, but I feel that either United or City will win it, but I’m not sure who!

“I say it every year, whoever recruits best, wins the league. Chelsea getting N’Golo Kante was a masterstroke and Eden Hazard and Diego Costa came back to form. All the clubs are going for the same players, they’re all expensive and controlled by agents.

“So, whoever has the best relationship, the best contacts and is willing to put the money in will probably do it.”

This is a rather simplistic assessment, and it’s difficult to measure who’s had the best transfer window without seeing any of the new signings play.

For that matter, it seems unlikely that United’s two signings so far – Victor Lindelof from Benfica and Romelu Lukaku from Everton – are going to propel them from sixth to first in a single season.

Neville went on to say that everyone involved in Europe this season will need to strengthen if they want to succeed.

“United need to strengthen, but they all do – quite a bit.

“Even the champions need to if they’re to repeat what they did last season. You’re not just talking about winning the Premier League title, you’re talking about competing in Europe. English clubs have been well short in the last few seasons. All big clubs want to be winning Champions Leagues.

“That won’t happen unless they significantly improve. United need to sign four or five players.”

Arsenal will be balancing the Europa League with the Premier League next season, and will need a strong squad to ensure they can last the pace.