Manchester City goalkeeper Claudio Bravo has said they would welcome Alexis with open arms.

Bravo knows Alexis well from the Chile national team and is understandably receptive to the idea of Alexis joining him at City.

In fact, the goalkeeper has decided to speak for the whole club by saying they would welcome him with open arms.

“If he decides to go, we’ll wait for him with open arms at City,” Bravo said, according to the Daily Mail.

City have been courting Alexis all summer and are as confident of signing him a club can be without actually bidding for the player.

Everyone’s grown a bit sick of hearing about Alexis wanting to join City and how he’s pushing for a move.

Alexis’ latest announcement that he’s ill won’t help matters, as now people will wonder if he’s about to go on strike to force a move.

Especially laughable is the Mail’s claim that Bravo’s welcome will be “reassuring” for Alexis, as if he was worried he wouldn’t fit in on his first day of school.

Arsenal have made their intention to not sell Alexis clear numerous times, but it seems speculation will continue as long as the window remains open.

So that’s a good five or so weeks left to hold out before we can focus on playing actual football again.