Bayern Munich manager Carlo Ancelotti has said the club will not spend crazy money on Alexis Sanchez this summer.

  • Bayern have interest but are wary of transfer fee and wages
  • Arsenal have offered Alexis a new deal
  • Alexis knows where his future lies, but isn’t telling

In a transfer market where forwards are being priced around the £60m mark, Bayern Munich are determined to be the one sensible club out there.

That’s according to manager Carlo Ancelotti, who admitted that while he admires Alexis as a player, he will respect the club’s wishes to not overpay.

”If an opportunity comes up, the club will be ready,” he said, reports the Daily Star. “There are lots of rumours. Alexis is a great player but not the only one in the world. I like Alexis.

“There are possibilities in the transfer market, which can be in many direction. I believe that the market is currently somewhat crazy – and Bayern is not a crazy club.

“I know the culture of this club and will not ask for any players for whom the club has to spend crazy sums, but if there are opportunities, why not?”

Arsenal would rather not sell Alexis, and if they had to they would reportedly demand at least £50m. The former Barcelona man is also asking for a significant increase in his current wages.

Bayern would have to make him their top earner in order to sign him, something they’re reluctant to do. The Chilean teased fans last weekend by saying that he’s clear on his future but wouldn’t go into any more details.

Currently, the situation seems to be that while Arsenal have offered him a new contract, he could still leave this summer. Manchester City have been confident of signing him all summer and are bigger favourites now Bayern have all but pulled out of the deal.

With the Confederations Cup having finished, there should be more clarification from Sanchez over his future soon.