Betting company Ladbrokes has put together a Premier League based on bets and Arsenal are in sixth place.


1. What’s going on?

  • The table is arranged based on bets on who will win the Premier League next season
  • People believe that Everton will finish higher than Arsenal
  • Arsenal have ended up in 6th place

It turns out that people aren’t the smartest betters around.

That assessment may sound harsh, but a Premier League table based on bets published by Ladbrokes has given a pretty decent insight into people’s betting patterns.

The table shows that punters believe Everton will finish above Arsenal, Manchester City and Spurs next season.

While they have Everton up in third, Arsenal are languishing down in sixth.

Tables such as this are ultimately harmless and never correct, but does perhaps show that people are being swept up by the hype surrounding Everton’s transfer window.

Everton have been one of biggest spending clubs this summer, and, as we all know, big spending must mean big success.

Reality, though, might have different ideas in mind.

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