Alexis Sanchez could be selected for the opening game of the Premier League season against Leicester.

Arsenal have said that Alexis will return to training on Sunday, along with Shkodran Mustafi. The pair will then have 12 days to prepare for the opening games of the season against Leicester.

Arsene Wenger has said he will assess the pair before the game, but hinted that Alexis could be involved.

“First of all you make a really good check up of where they are, how much they have worked during their break,” Wenger told Arsenal Player.

“After, once you know where you stand, they need an adjusted programme and to see how quickly you can fit them in again. 

“Of course it depends as well on what is the need in the squad, what is their quality. All of these things together make your decision. Do you put them on the bench when they are not ready [to start]?

“It is easier to put a striker on the bench than a defender, sometimes. Because in a short period they can make an impact. We’ll see.”

This is all assuming that Alexis returns to training when Arsenal expect him to and doesn’t magically produce a sick note from out of nowhere.

The Chilean caused a bit of a stir by revealing he was “sick”, while looking like a school boy trying to convince his mother to give him the day off school.

This has led to speculation that he may not return to training on Sunday as expected, as the timing is pretty dubious.

We’ll give Alexis the benefit of the doubt here, and hope that he returns to training soon. It’d be a nice change of pace to be able watch the Chilean in action again and not have to discuss his future.

Arsenal play Benfica and Sevilla this weekend in the Emirates Cup and then Chelsea in the Community Shield before the opening game against Leicester.

That Community Shield game could be the earliest we see Alexis return, all going well.