Arsenal have yet to contact Jack Wilshere about extending his contract and according to a recent report they are reluctant to do so.

  • Wilshere’s contract expires in 12 months
  • Arsenal have yet to offer an extension
  • There’s a lack of interest in Wilshere from other clubs

Wilshere is yet another player that has just 12 months remaining on his contract and his future in serious doubt.

In an Daily Star “exclusive”, they reveal that Wilshere has yet to be contacted by Arsenal about a new contract, suggesting that his time at the club could be coming to an end.

They also claim that there’s been little interest in Wilshere from other clubs due to his lengthy injury record. Clubs are reluctant to buy a player who has a good chance of missing a chunk of the season because of injury.

Not even Bournemouth, where Wilshere spent last season on loan, are interested in taking him on, apparently.

Wilshere reportedly wants to stay at Arsenal but also wants an increase on his £90k p/w wages, which Arsenal are understandably reluctant to give.

It could be that Wilshere’s contract will be allowed to wind down so he can leave for free next summer. In the meantime, he’d have to spend next season proving he can stay fit, either at Arsenal or out on loan again.