Liverpool legend Steve Nicol believes Sergio Aguero should join Arsenal this summer.

  • Aguero could find himself behind Gabriel Jesus next season
  • He may push to leave if he’s not a starter
  • Alexis Sanchez could be involved in a swap deal

As absurd as it sounds, a potential swap deal involving Alexis Sanchez and Sergio Aguero has created some serious debate. On paper, most believe that it’d satisfy everyone involved, although in reality there are a lot of reasons why the deal wouldn’t happen.

Former Liverpool player Steve Nicol has weighed in with his view. He believes that Aguero should join Arsenal, because no other top team would want him.

“I don’t think he wants to stay at City if Gabriel Jesus is going to play ahead of him,” he said, reports the Metro. At the same time, he’s a world class striker. There are some big teams out there who I believe would want him.

“Do they have space right now? I don’t think so, Bayern certainly don’t need him, Madrid don’t need him, Barcelona don’t need him, PSG have (Edinson) Cavani. So if he wants to move maybe Arsenal is his best choice at the moment.

“Is it possible? Yes it is. It’s up to the two sides to get together and I don’t see why (Arsene) Wenger wouldn’t want it, I don’t see why Pep wouldn’t want it. So really, it comes down to finance.”

There is a belief that Aguero, who scored 33 times for Manchester City last season, could be benched for young Brazilian striker Gabriel Jesus in 2017/18. There were signs of this happening last season, and only an unfortunately timed injury to Jesus allowed Aguero back in the side.

Still, even if City do have plans for Jesus to start more, they’d be very reluctant to let a striker of Aguero’s pedigree go.