Subscription to Sky Sports and BT Sport costs more than season tickets for 19 out of 20 clubs in the Premier League.

Research conducted by Freesat suggests that football fans could in fact get better value for their money if they bought their respective clubs season tickets instead of subscribing to Sports channels, based on the data from 2016/17 Premier League season.

A sports package from Sky Sports with addition of BT Sport costs £870-a-year and doesn’t even guarantee you’ll be able to watch your team live.

If you were to buy any Premier League club’s season ticket, you’d get access to all 19 home games in the top-flight, with addition of a few away League games and Cup ties, all depending on the club’s reward policy.

The only side in Premier League who are cheaper to watch on TV than live at the stadium is Arsenal. The Gunners have the most expensive season tickets in the league with the price of £1,014.

On the other hand, the most reasonably priced season tickets are on offer from West Ham at just £289, more than three times cheaper than TV subscription.

While commenting on the results of the analysis, Freesat spokesperson Jennifer Elworthy said: “Football coverage is often the biggest draw for people when it comes to sports channel subscriptions, but unless you’re a fan of one of the most watched clubs in the Premier League, there’s a chance you’ll see very few of your team’s games televised.

“The fact that these customers could pay for a season ticket and still have hundreds of pounds to spare suggests sports channel subscriptions with the big providers are not always the right option for everyone.”