Arsenal fans were left furious when it emerged that Juventus had offered Arsenal an insulting €5m for Wojciech Szczesny.

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The Pole is a weird player but one I’ve always rated since I first started watching him as a 16-year-old.

He now finds himself in a position where Roma, the club he’s impressed at for the past two seasons, don’t think he’s worth £15m.

Arsenal, the club who have owned him for 11 years, seem to think he’s disposable.

Meanwhile, one of the best clubs in the world think that he’s good enough to replace one of the best keepers that has ever played the game. But not, it seems, worth putting in a proper offer for.

€5m. That’s just £4.4m. Or, if you’d prefer, 17 weeks of wages for Wayne Rooney.

Jordan Pickford looks set to join Everton his summer for a crazy £30m. This is a keeper who has zero European experience and, for all the will in the world, has achieved a fraction of what Szczesny has managed.

Yes, Pickford has four years left on his contract while Woj has one and yes, Pickford is English so automatically costs more, but £4.4m? Really?

I understand that in transfer negotiations you start well below what you would be willing to pay, but this is insulting. It’s like me going to see a Ferrari for sale, knowing it will cost £200,000, thinking I can get it a bit cheaper, and starting my opening bid at £10k. I’d get thrown out of the showroom.

I hope Arsenal threw down the phone on Juventus.

The cheek!

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