Arsenal and Costa Rica winger Joel Campbell was in a playful mood after a series of medical tests were conducted on him and seven other players ahead of the upcoming CONCACAF Gold Cup in July.

Rándall Azofeifa, Joel Campbell, José Salvatierra, Johnny Acosta, Yetlsin Tejeda, Kenner Gutiérrez, Michael Umaña and David Ramírez were the players selected, reports Nacion.

The test, which took place at the National University in Barreal, Heredia, saw 28 questions asked. And according to physical trainer Erick Sanchez, the idea was to find out the players’ mental strength and current physical condition.

“If we find a player with high fatigue, we will give him a different treatment than the rest of the group,” he said.

“It is clear the MLS players do not have the same physical burden as those who started their season last July.”

Campbell also gave some insight on what the test entails, revealing that the medical team are working hard on getting more information about the mental side of the players, not just the physical.

“ These are normal questions that one can answer easily, such as how we are mentally prepared to face the rivals, if we know the adversaries and if we feel physically and mentally prepared to play in the upcoming tournament,” he recalled.

“This is normal in order to know what each player’s condition is so let’s hope they all come out normal.”

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