With the summer in full swing we haven’t even reached July yet and most people are already missing the Premier League.

If you’re a true football fan, the change in schedule can be difficult. What are the best ways to cope with the football season break?

Tune into Other Sports

While waiting for the next season of the Premier League to start, it is actually a good idea to tune into other sporting events. We have Formula 1 offering plenty of excitement this season. Ferrari and Mercedes – particularly Vettel and Hamilton – are really pushing their cars to the limit to gain an advantage over the other.

MotoGP is no less exciting. It may take some time to catch up with all the details of this season’s MotoGP, but it’s definitely worth it. You’ll be able to see Valentino Rossi bringing the battle to Marquez and Pedrosa in a classic Yamaha vs. Honda duel this season.

Of course, other sports can be great alternatives to try. Live broadcasts are easy to find, especially on weekends. You can stick to the routine of watching live sporting events while waiting for the next season of the Premier League to start.

Play Sports

Yes, another great thing to do during the season break is to go out and play sports. According to the Summer Sports Substitutions by Ladbrokes, more sports fans are engaging in the sports they love. You don’t have to jump right into playing football. There are local clubs and leagues you can join if you just want to give it a try.

Sports are great for keeping you fit too; it will prepare you for the ups and downs of the league when it returns – we all know how heart-clenching some of those matches can be, don’t we? Get together with a few friends or fellow football fans and just play a game. You’ll find it very addictive.

Fantasy Leagues

We can’t talk about coping with season break without mentioning fantasy leagues. While most fantasy leagues are based on the actual season, there are games that allow players to continue playing during season break. Similar to going out and playing sports, playing fantasy league games can be very addictive. Be sure to only play on weekends and to avoid getting carried away.

The best part about playing fantasy league games is that you will find colleagues and relatives on the game or platform of your choice most of the time; fantasy leagues really are that popular. To make it even better, some leagues now offer grand prizes and rewards for winning the virtual league. Picking the right players and constructing a strong team to defeat your virtual rivals – along with the previous activities we talked about in this article – will definitely keep you busy until the next season starts.

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