And so the summer transfer window takes another twist as rumours emerge that Fabregas could potentially re-join Arsenal.


1. He couldn’t, could he?

After taking umbrage with Conte over benching him for the FA Cup final, it seems that Fabregas is ready and willing to leave Chelsea. Leaving aside the natural cynicism that comes with such a rumour, the prospect of Fabregas returning to Arsenal is an intriguing one.

At the age of 30, Fabregas was reportedly no longer in Antonio Conte’s plans, then he was, now it’s all dependent on the offer they get.

Although he was used sparingly last season, the Spanish pass master accumulated a very impressive 12 assists from 13 Premier League starts. Alongside those assists, Fabregas returned a reasonable five goals. In light of these numbers, it seems rather strange that Conte would be happy to move the midfielder on.

Fabregas was once the apple of Arsene Wenger’s eye.

At a young age, he left his boyhood club and joined the Gunners. It was not long before he became an ever present in the team. His passing and quick thinking was enough for Wenger to shape the team around him.

Unfortunately, the love that Arsenal fans held for the Spaniard was only a fleeting affair, a summer fling perhaps as Cesc decided he’d had enough of his holiday romance and wished to return home.

Arsenal fans begrudgingly accepted their fate and allowed the little Spaniard to depart on good terms. No longer lovers but if he was ever in town, they’d meet for a drink. Yet that plan was quickly curtailed when Cesc donned the blue of Chelsea a few years later.

Feeling spurned, Arsenal quickly became contemptuous. His betrayal cut deep and yet now that he’s back on the market there are still a number of fans who would welcome him back.

Arsenal's Spanish midfielder Cesc Fabregas celebrates scoring the second goal from the penalty spot during the English Premier League football match between Arsenal and West Ham United at the Emirates stadium, north London on March 20, 2010. AFP PHOTO/GLYN KIRK
(Photo credit GLYN KIRK/AFP/Getty Images)