The England Football Association is cracking down on all potential troublemakers, threatening lifetime bans.

The English FA is facing a serious problem of dealing with the new generation of troublemakers who are bringing shame to everyone in football. According to a recent report, the FA has sentenced two individuals to a lifetime ban from attending England games.

The incident occurred during a March game against Germany as the England away fans were spotted performing Nazi salutes and positioning two fingers to resemble a ‘Hitler moustache’ while making a ‘cut-throat’ signal with other hand.

English away supporters between the age of 18-25 are considered to be primarily responsible for the abhorrent behaviour as many of them treat away games like stag weekends and are often heavily under the influence of alcohol with friends who only spur them on.

After the said game against Germany, 59 individuals were held by the police, however only 20 of them were members of the England Supporters’ Club. The FA doesn’t have the ability to sanction those outside of the supporters’ club but those who are members often risk suspensions of between six months and five years.

In that period, members aren’t allowed to buy tickets for any away games, but there is still a possibility of them attending the games as the FA doesn’t have the ability to stop those fans from travelling and buying tickets for the home section.

With a membership in the England Supporters’ Club, they are able to attend England’s away games, with tickets being provided in the city the game is played. The club performs checks to stop trouble-making fans from travelling, but with the number of members reaching the dramatically low point of around 8,000 people [from 57,000 in 2007], it’s becoming increasingly hard to track ‘bad’ fans.

The game against Scotland presents another danger for the FA, and England’s allocation for the match stands at 4,761, providing a fair test of the FA’s new way of marshalling fans.

The England Supporters’ Club is already sending messages to fans urging them to support their team in a fair and civilised way and asking their supporters to report any bad behaviour.

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