According to new reports, Bayern Munich are set to offer Alexis Sanchez a mega-deal, which contrasts with previous rumours that they weren’t able to afford the Chilean and other murmurings that he could actually be signing for Manchester City.

The rumour mill is starting to spin out of control when it comes to Alexis Sanchez’s future.

There are claims that he’s going to City, which seems unlikely since they’re Arsenal’s rivals, and others saying that he’s agreed a deal with Bayern.

Now, German outlet Sport1, is reporting that the Bundesliga giants are set to offer the 28-year-old a whopping £21.67m-per-year (€25m) in wages. That’s almost £420k-per-week, which is just ridiculous.

However, at the end of the 2016/17 season, Bayern had reportedly dropped their interest in Alexis after Arsenal were said to be offering him £330k-per-week.

At the time, it was said that they couldn’t afford that since their current top earner, Robert Lewandowski, ‘only’ earns £13m (€15m) – £250k-per-week.

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Meanwhile, other journos are claiming to know for sure that the forward is going to City.

Yeah… silly season is here.

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