Arsenal fans have called on the club to ban The Sun newspaper after their disgraceful headline in the wake of the London terror attack.

  • The Sun’s headline following Saturday’s London attacks highlighted terrorist in Arsenal shirt
  • Arsenal fans want the paper banned
  • Liverpool and Everton have already banned the people due to past controversies

Following the terrorist attacks in London on Saturday night, The Sun opted to run a front page showing the terrorist – who had been shot dead by police – with the headline “Jihadi Killer In An Arsenal Shirt”.

The decision to focus on this, of all things, provoked reactions of anger and disgust from Arsenal supporters, who have called on the club ban The Sun from any press events.

Liverpool banned The Sun after their coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy, in which they attacked the Liverpool supporters who would be later proven innocent.

Everton followed last season after a recent article from columnist Kelvin MacKenzie compared Ross Barkley to a gorilla and attacked the people of Liverpool.

The Sun has proven over the years that it will try to create controversy no matter the situation. It’s hard to think many Gunners would miss the tabloid should Arsenal decide to ban them.