5 positions Arsenal must strengthen before the season starts

In the past, Arsenal have not always been punctual with their transfer dealings.

However, with Wenger having agreed a two year contract, one would suspect that he would have outlined to Kroenke and the board, the positions he wishes to strengthen.

It is under eight weeks until Arsenal meet Chelsea in the Community Shield. Whilst it is always fantastic to get a win over your fiercest rivals, the shield is a glorified friendly – often used to hone any last minute tactics or allow new players to familiarise themselves with the first team.

Wenger doesn’t always assess the team in the same manner as the fans. He sees players day in and day out at the training ground and often believes them to be more capable than fans often give them credit. However, there certainly seems to be a number of obvious areas that Wenger will look to strengthen this summer:


1. A number two goalkeeper