Arsene Wenger responded to Planegate 2.0 in typical Wenger fashion.

  • Plane with Wenger Out banner flew over bet365 Stadium during Arsenal’s win over Stoke
  • Also happened against West Brom earlier in season
  • Wenger questions whether the people in charge of said banners are really fans

During the first half of Arsenal’s emphatic 4-1 win over Stoke on Saturday, fans’ gazes were temporarily averted as a plane trailing a banner which inexplicably read ‘Wenger – Out Means Out’ flew over the bet365 Stadium.

This is the second time this has happened this season.

The first occurred during Arsenal’s 3-1 loss away at the Hawthorns.


Apparently, the first time wasn’t embarrassing enough so the people in charge of said banners had to have another go.

When asked about Planegate 2.0 post-match, Wenger quite rightly questioned whether they were actual fans, saying, “When you say ‘the fans’, who do you mean by that?”

Wenger obviously recognises that the type of ‘fans’ who pay to have planes flown over a stadium demanding that a manager be sacked are in the vast minority.

“I want to focus on football. All the rest is less important for me,” he said.

“I’m not in politics, I’m in sport. I love sport, I give 24 hours a day for what I love. I’m also in a public job where some people agree with me and some people don’t. I have no special opinion on that.”