Wojciech Szczesny has used Joe Hart as an example of how quickly things can change in football, especially for goalkeepers while admitting the speculation over his future has been ‘draining’.

Szczesny hailed the Englishman as the Premier League’s best goalkeeper, yet despite that, a managerial change saw him loaned out to Serie A side Torino within months of Pep Guardiola’s arrival.

As quoted by the Guardian Szczesny said, “We don’t sign 10-year contracts. You can be wanted at one club and the next day you may not be. Look at the situation of Joe Hart.

“For me he was probably the best goalkeeper in the Premier League, you get a new manager, and two weeks later you are going on loan to Torino.

“That’s the life of a footballer these days, it’s a bit strange.

“I spoke to him a lot when he signed.

“We share the same agent so we know we have to keep each other’s secrets!

“He has done well. It’s difficult as he went from a team that challenges for every trophy to a lower mid-table team.

“He has gone from facing two or three shots a game to facing eight to 10 shots a game,” Szczesny continued.

Szczesny himself has always left the door open for future challenges and now that he’s heading back to the Emirates this summer, he’s admitted that his future with Arsenal is still uncertain.

“The uncertainty over my future is also quite draining,” Szczesny admitted.

“In a way it has kept me going. You don’t know what is going to happen or what your options are going to be and that pushes you subconsciously.

“You want to perform well enough that you are not short of options.

“There is a bit of adrenaline, you don’t know who is watching you. It’s not a pleasant feeling but it was a motivating one.”

Szczesny also spoke of his confidence that he has progressed whilst out on-loan over the past two seasons and in comments that will encourage the club’s supporters over the longevity of Arsenal’s goalkeeping quality, he said, “I think I can be better now than I thought I could be when I was back at Arsenal.

“I have grown more than I would have hoped for. Now I think with the right work, the right attitude, I can go a long way. I always want to be the best but now I feel a bit closer to it.

“When I have my head on the 2017-18 season, then we make a decision – first Arsenal has to and then I have to.

“I want to make sure I take my time, clear my head of this season, and then focus on doing the right thing. What that is time will show.