Celebrity Arsenal fan Piers Morgan has promised never to tweet about manager Arsene Wenger again.

  • Piers is known for his reactionary outbursts aimed at Wenger
  • The columnist has called for the Arsenal manager’s head for some time
  • Arsenal have renewed Wenger’s contract for two more years

Today has not been a very good day for Piers Morgan. The well-known Daily Mail columnist and Good Morning Britain presenter has long been of the Wenger Out crowd, having used Twitter to criticise the maligned manager for years.

Nobody has been more vocal about their dislike of Arsene Wenger than Morgan, to the point that his contempt after any Arsenal defeat has reached the point of parody. And inevitably, he had some strong words about Wenger’s latest new contract.

The news has led to a mixed response from supporters, although Piers’ views were long known before the announcement was made. After stewing on his initial comments, he took to Twitter once more and gave the following statement:

The odds of Morgan keeping to such a promise are incredibly low. Most people are expecting him to have plenty to say about Arsenal’s transfer activity this summer.

Many will celebrate his silence while others will mourn the loss of a regular source of entertainment.